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The boom in internet activity and the growing number of online casinos, online bingo rooms, online scratch cards and state lottery websites offering their services online, have created a situation where more and more people are suffering from problem gambling.

To assist people dealing with a multitude of issues resulting from gambling activity there is a dedicated charitable organization called GamCare that is established in the UK and offers individuals the following services:

Identifying a Gambling Problem
GamCare advisors can help individuals to identify if they suffer from gambling addiction or have some other gambling-related problems to do with their financial situation or the people the surround them.

They do so via their website that offers advisory information and live chat facility called Netline that offers help 7 days a week from 8am until 2am.

They also operate a telephone helpline when people can consult trained advisors that will help establish whether they have a problem with gambling.

Dealing with a Gambling Problem
GamCare website offers a lot of information about the triggers of problem gambling and offers ways to deal with such problems. They also offer information about the difficulties that arise from problem gambling such as financial problems and debt, alienation of loved ones and information for women with gambling problems.

For more personal solutions GamCare advisors are available online and via the phone for those who would like to share their struggles and get tailored help and support in dealing with them.

The website also offers an active forum where a variety of relating topics are explored and experiences are shared.

Supporting Family and Friends of those Suffering from a Gambling Problem
GamCare acknowledges that problem gambling does not just affect those who experience it but also has detrimental effects on the lives of their immediate family and other loved ones.

They offer explanatory and supportive information to assist those close to addictive gamblers in order to help them understand the problem and provide them with information and tools that will assist them to help their suffering family member through their troubled time.

GamCare website and all its service can be accessed at the GamCare website
For assistance by phone call their helpline 0845 6000 133

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