Introduction to Gamble Aware

Gambling is an entertaining pastime activity that many people enjoy as a harmless and fun entertainment. However some individuals can develop problems associated with gambling that can have an adverse effect on their lives by causing personal and financial problems and creating friction with family and friends.

Guiding people through the pitfalls of problem gambling, helping them deal with managing a gambling addiction and supporting them through the recovery process is the charitable organization

Gamble Aware is an organization that is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust (RIGT), a non-profit organization that aims to facilitate and fund research and education regarding responsible gambling, together with offering support and treatment to those who are suffering from gambling-related problems.

The RGT has started a Task Force with professionals from the Gambling Commission in cooperation with Academic Institutions such as University of Glasgow, University of Lancaster, University of Salford and Anglia Ruskin University – Cambridge & Chelmsford.

The Task Force also included members of BACTA that represents members of the British Amusement Industry, members from Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), Department of Health (DH), National Lottery Commission, GamCare, National Consumer Council (NCC) and Business in Sport and Leisure (BISL).

The work of the Task Force created Gamble Aware website as a portal of information covering all subject related to problem gambling and gambling addiction.

Gamble Aware website is designed for gamblers and non-gamblers seeking information about responsible gambling and its implications or those who feel someone close to them might be effected by gambling addiction and are looking for information as to identification of problem gambling and avenues of treatment and support.

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